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Feed Your Family Through ANY Disaster With Military Grade Freeze Dried Food - Good For 25+ Years.

Best Selling Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner for 5 Days

When SHTF you’re not going to want to worry about when your next meal will come – You should know. 

No one is going to protect and provide for you and your family when SHTF, but yourself. 

Let us help you take steps towards building up your food storage with the highest quality ingredients for the lowest price possible!

But you have to claim yours fast

Valley Food Storage only gave us 1000 of their best selling bundles to offer at such a low price (they don’t want their regular customers to find out)

It’s not going to take much time to sell out!

I Know What You're Thinking...

“Food that tastes good can’t possibly last up to 25 years!”

Not only does it taste delicious AND last for 25+ years…

These best selling Items:

But, What Are You Getting?

The Best Selling Bundle Includes: 1 Breakfast, 1 Entrée, 1 Meat, 1 Vegetable, & 1 Fruit…

Both FEMA and The American Red Cross recommend storing at least 3 days worth of non-perishable food for every member of the household [1] – You’re getting 5 days worth!

Plus 2 Free Gifts – All Shipped Free From The Heart Of The USA!

Breakfast: Apple Oatmeal

10 servings

It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start it with nutritious and filling oatmeal.

Mac & Cheese

5 servings

One of the most recognizable and timeless dishes that almost every child and adult love. One of our most popular dishes consists of a delectable blend of noodles and cheese that is the ultimate comfort food.

Chicken Teriyaki

5 servings

Inspired by a homemade recipe, this dish is has a sweet and tangy flavor that is loved by everyone. Heart enough for lunch or dinner – you will not be disappointed. 


Hearty Food Made By Preppers For Preppers

Valley Food Storage uses the same material astronauts keep their food in when traveling to space! The strong mylar bags keeps temperatures out and protects the food inside.

Freeze drying keeps all the flavor of a home cooked meal and the beneficial nutrients inside the food. My family loves these meals and I know yours will too!

The bags are lightweight and durable – Perfect for camping, hiking, or bugging out quickly.


Freeze Dried Food Is King

The first lesson in food storage is freeze dried food will ALWAYS be king over dehydrated food. [2]  It simply lasts longer and is easier to prepare.

The next lesson, know what you are paying for. As you’re aware, food storage is essential to any prepper, but it can be costly. There are also many brands who overcharge based on what’s inside their products.

Valley Food Storage uses 100% all natural ingredients, no GMOs, with no fillers or added preservatives. You will also notice they do not use any artificial flavors, added colors, hydrogenated oils, or MSG’s. You know exactly what you’re getting with every bite.

We don’t want you to settle for anything less than top quality. 

Each recipe starts with the highest quality of ingredients, cooked to perfection, then tasted by our lead chefs in order to preserve our high standards.

Your meals started as creamy oats, delicious mac and cheese, and flavorful chicken teriyaki. All before being carefully freeze dried to keep all the nutrients and flavor inside. 

The final reason that makes Valley Food Storage freeze dried food king is that it is lighter than carrying dehydrated or canned food in your bug out bags. A real prepper knows every ounce counts – Don’t waste space and weight on flavorless foods lacking in essential nutrients.[2

The Packaging Is Superior

Valley Food Storage worked hard to perfect their freeze drying method to make sure their food lasts their customers 25+ years.

This process may take lots of time, technology, and man power, but if you have tasted their food – You know it is completely worth it!

From start to finish, the product is superior to any other freeze dried food I have ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot) 

My favorite part? Their lightweight space age packaging that keeps the food as fresh and flavorful as the day it was put in there. 

Their resealable bags are made of the same material NASA used to store their food in space! What’s not to like?

You’ll barely notice you’re carrying 5 whole days worth of food in your bug out bag or camping pack. It’s incredible technology like this that makes the first bite taste that much better.

The Power of Next Level Technology

Handy Resealable Bags

Strong Mylar Bags work as a wall to keep air, moisture, and light from harming your food.

Don't Sweat Expiration Dates

FDA approved 100cc oxygen absorbers pull any extra air out of the bag to keep the food fresh.

Freshness That Lasts Decades

Each bag is sealed to ensure it's airtight and the food’s freshness is preserved within.

This may sound like a lot of time, money, and effort. And it is! But this technology is the reason you can have a bright future even when SHTF!

Don't Take Our Word For It

Dehydrating Isn't Worth It


New Camping Essential


Trust Me - You Need This Now


Early Bird Gets The Worm!

We’d like to guarantee every single American a start to their food storage supply but…

We can only offer this exclusive deal today – Plus we’re giving you the FREE Lifestraw and Lightweight Emergency Shelter Tent and Free Shipping and Handling straight from the heart of the USA! 

There are 1,000 bundles to give to those eager early birds that know a good deal when they see one. 

It’s so good you’ll have no idea you’re even eating space age food!

But know this… There are 10,000+ people who have received this offer. 

It will take weeks or even months for us to secure more than 1,000 bags of high quality Valley Food Storage food again. 

Take the first step towards your food storage goals today. You deserve the peace of mind!

What's The Problem?

Both FEMA and The Red Cross say it is essential to have nonperishables ready for emergency purposes. 

The problem is that not enough Americans have taken their futures into their own hands.

I know you won’t make that same mistake. Take your future by the reins and start your food storage supply today!

Affordable For Every American

Every American deserves a chance to prep for when SHTF! 

We take in mind the everyday blue collar citizens who may live paycheck to paycheck and want their dollar to last longer! 

Those hard working Americans deserve to prep as much as any other citizen in our great country.

For that reason…

You are only paying 72¢ per serving!

We can’t even take that number seriously! It is so low – but it is because we believe that Valley Food Storage deserves to be in every single person’s life who understands the magnitude of prepping. 

If that’s you, you’re in luck.

This 70% discount won’t last long! Remember we only have 1,000 at such a bargain rate!

Click the “Add To Cart” Button Below to claim your 5 day “Food for the end of the world” pack PLUS all your Free bonus gifts! 

We’d love to ship them to you entirely free today! Our warehouse manager is ready to throw them at the postal worker if it meant getting you your delicious food faster!

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Quality Guarantee

Valley Food Storage feels so strongly about their food – We stand behind it 100%. After-all, it’s the same food we feed our own families. We also believe in being clear and concise with the details on our guarantee. No vague claims – just great customer service and a product that we believe in.

Valley Food Storage goes above-and-beyond to ensure quality you can count on. That means absolutely no fillers, no preservatives, and no GMO’s. Only high-quality, natural ingredients packaged for safe and secure long-term storage.  If you are not fully satisfied with your order within 30 days after it arrives at your home, simply contact them- we will make it right.

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