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The Ultimate Training Course: The SoS Academy

Finally, everything you wanted to know to prepare yourself for the crisis coming your way. All built into a guided, skills based training regimen that anyone can complete! 

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Refined from the experience and knowledge base of the most highly trained and proudly decorated men and women from around the country. Your private coaches are going to walk you through every step of your journey.

Dear Reader,

Sitting there now you know how comfortable things are. After all, we live in the greatest nation in the world.

Food is in the fridge and there is gas in the car. Even with current politics, things seem pretty good. And that is the way it should be...

Until it happens!

What do you do when your spouse slips and falls down the stairs? Do you know? Do you have enough to cover the medical costs?

How about if someone breaks into your home? Do you own a gun? Can you defend your family?

There is a laundry list of ways your day could go critically wrong. Do you have the knowledge and the skills ready to go when someone tips your normal day on its head?

Fortunately for you, I went through exactly that. A normal day gone horribly wrong.

That was the day I decided, I was not going to be a victim.

I searched for coaches across the country to teach me the skills I found to be most crucial in surviving in the modern world. What I found was a group of highly skilled, highly motivated people that had a wide range of expertise - and now, I am going to share with you, what they shared with me.

But ask yourself this first, are you ready to accept that ordinary days don't just happen? Are you willing to accept that hard work, training, and access to an elite training library to practical skill sets helps make you a better, more prepared person?

If you are, I have something special for you.

If you aren't then you are wasting time here and I would invite you to leave now and go back to watching that TV on your couch. Just do me a favor and do not call when you find yourself victim to some thug. You know you could have avoided the entire situation. Consider yourself warned.

The SoS Academy

Elite Training On Your Schedule, At Your Pace

The SoS Academy is a vast library of specialized trainings you can use at your own pace. Hosted by some of the most sought after experts and coaches in the country, you will learn the skills you need to survive in the most extreme of circumstances.

Take a look at everything you get with your subscription.

What are you going to get access to in the library?

You are going to get access to the self defense secrets and top practical advice from real-deal weapons and self defense experts – and you full-blown access to the only close combat and grappling course in the world built as a fool-proof CURRICULUM for self protection against someone bigger and stronger.

You get access to all of that for as long as you would like. We strive to bring you the best content available from the most skilled and highly trained experts - and you will get access to our ever growing library of trainings.

The curriculum that you’re about to access is called the “SoS Academy,” and it is a completely new way to learn self-defense with weapons, firearms and the deadly art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s been systematically designed so that you can be ready for any attacker in any situation (no matter your size, experience or age). The techniques in this system have taught thousands of “hands on” martial artists who know damn well that…

No Serious Fighter is “Combat Ready”

Unless You Know How to Beat

Someone BIGGER Than You

One of lead instructors, Coach Daniel, earned huge respect as an instructor and as one of the new competitors in the northeast to grapple in “Open” weight-class tournaments, despite being 128 pounds soaking wet.

This guy is small, and he’ll tell you himself, he’s got back problems and persistent pains that have kept him from being able to rely on athleticism or speed alone. When he moved from winning national tournaments, choking the hell out of bigger opponents with ease, and teaching underground seminars to excited groups of police officers, MMA fighters, and martial artists, he took the small step of sharing some of his techniques online.

Things went haywire, and within 1 year Daniel had 20,000 online subscribers and Jiu Jitsu students from practically every corner of the inhabitable globe, as he taught the insider secrets and top techniques of the “Who's Who” of Jiu Jitsu giant killer fighters, breaking down the escapes and devastating, LIGHTS-OUT chokes and effortless joint locks to leave a bigger guy face down on the concrete – even if you’re a total pip-squeak compared to your opponent.

It’s no joke that the self defense world has also wanted to know what Dan could show them, and how a “regular” guy could make easy work of bigger opponents – and get out of bad positions fast… and after enough pressure, Dan’s finally composed a powerful SYSTEM for building ground-fighting skills, fast, you’ll see quickly why these specific tricks are ESSENTIAL to winning a real fight:

The curriculum that you’re about to access is called the “SoS Academy,” and it’s a completely new way to learn practical self-defense for today’s mean streets. Whether it’s hand-to-hand combat, knife fighting or concealed carry, the top-notch expert video instruction inside of the SoS Academy will teach you the tips, tricks and secrets to protect yourself and your loved ones on today’s means streets.

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Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Pistol Accuracy: Expert marksman Branden Langely reveals his best tips, tricks and techniques to boost your accuracy, speed and effectiveness using exciting drills you can do at home or on the range.
  • Concealed Carry: Watch closely, as professional private bodyguard and all around badass, David Trimble, shows the newest gear & equipment for discrete, concealed carry along with his best techniques for rapid draw and how to safely fire in a populated area.
  • Exclusive Deals: When you invest today, you’ll gain access to exclusive deals that are NOT available anywhere else. Every month, you will receive private and exclusive offers and deals, as well as 20% off purchases made from our friends over at
  • Knife Fighting & Defense: Knife fighting is a messy business but being unprepared against an armed attacker is downright idiotic. Watch as world renowned expert, Jerry Wentzel walks you through, step by step, exactly how to carry, defend and attack using a knife or bladed weapon. Whether you’re a brand new beginner or a seasoned veteran and know your way around a knife, the skills & techniques that Jerry reveals are mind- blowingly effective and useful in today’s violent world.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat & Ground Fighting: Discover the most powerful chokes, submissions, & joint locks that exist on planet earth today. Watch as our team of black belt experts show you their favorite moves for destroying bigger, tougher opponents from every angle and position imaginable. Filmed in an easy-to-follow manner, even brand new beginners will gain an understanding of how to defend, attack and survive any street fight with little to no blood or mess.
  • And Much Much More…

Each of our instructors can charge over $150 an hour for private, 1-on-1 training like this, but you get it for just the monthly subscription price of $57.00. 100's of hours of training content that you can take and practice with immediately! 

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This is a Fight for Your LIFE!

There is no playing around in a street confrontation, and without knowledge of what to do when you get grabbed or throw to the ground (especially if the thug is smart and catches YOU off guard), then your practically NAKED without this knowledge.

In close-quarters combat, a lethal Jiu Jitsu fighter can beat someone with a loaded revolver, or even a thug with a club or a knife (obviously, all the better if you have a knife of your own… that’s why I’m giving you a 20% discount to the entire store. You will never be unprepared again! 

In close-quarters combat, someone is usually PAST the point of trying to take your wallet, and if you stay helpless on the ground or can’t break their hold on you, you’re a split-second from this guy killing you in COLD BLOOD.

That’s why the in-close, REAL-deal, lock-him-up-and-choke-him-out tips that you’ll learn in this guide are completely PRICELESS in actual combat, especially if – like Dan – you AREN’T the biggest, meanest, or most athletic guy out there. This is not about power, it’s about leverage, and an arsenal of moves that mean FAST unconsciousness for any idiot or mugger who wants to get close enough to touch you.

Be Ready to Protect, Ready to Defend,

…Ready for ANYTHING

Because I am feeling extra generous, I am also throwing in another full digital course on firearms- Pistol Accuracy 101 by professional marksmen and firearms instructor, Braden Langley. This value-stuffed package is all about our customers discovering the many aspect of self protection and starting your training in as many fields as possible. In Pistol Academy 101 you discover important expert pistol technique that may just save your life...

  • The exact grip and stance you should use (for your specific body type) so that you can shoot with extreme accuracy
  • How to remain focused under pressure and calm your heart rate
  • The most common mistakes people make when shooting to the left or right


In addition to Pistol Accuracy 101, you’ll also get online access to three (3) of our premier courses:

Armed Defender (A $19.95 Value)

Discover how to quickly and quietly navigate through a dark house during an invasion and the safest spot in your house to hide your kids.

Featuring Marine Scout Sniper and Discovery Channel Star, Adam Ticknor, who will show you how to protect and defend your house during an invasion.

Inside, you’ll discover:

-The truth about having a gun. Just having a gun in your house does you no good.

You’ll see exactly what type of gun to have and how to use it to protect the ones you love.

- The exact words to say to 911 to win a court case after a break-in or shooting

- A complete, soup-to-nuts breakdown of different types of rounds & ammunition

-How to acquire affordable body armor for yourself & your loved ones


And that’s not all. You’ll also get:

Executive Protection (A $19.95 Value)

Silicon Valley Bodyguard David Trimble shares his unique insights into protecting yourself, your home and your loved ones from home invasions, defending against armed attackers and rapidly identifying potential threats.


-The best concealed carry gear in the business revealed.

-Discover the truth about basic knife fighting

-Become a human lie detector in order to screen treats that may fool your loved ones.

-And Much More…

Plus, you’ll also get:

Body Weapons (A $29 Value)

Swedish black belt and self defense expert Lars Fidler breaks down how to use the various parts of your body in different tough situations as powerful weapons in a street fight, regardless of your size or your attackers.

Inside, you’ll discover:

-The one take-down move you will have in your pocket every time an attacker has the balls to come at you… so simple, so easy to remember, it’s like walking around with a loaded gun!

-Instant arm-locks that disable your opponent and let you decide what’s next!

-Leverage secrets that multiply every pound of your weight ten times, giving you “Gorilla-Like” strength over much larger opponents

As well as access to our ever-growing library of trainings and content. In the battle for your life - this is the library of knowledge you need!

Bonus Video Training

Close Quarters Combat CHOKES

I wanted to make this amazing offer a total no-brainer for you – so I’ve decided to throw in one more bonus gift with your offer today!

You see, if you’re within knife range, you’re basically within grappling range. The fact of the matter is, someone might tackle you before you get your knife out – or someone might grab your knife and wrestle you to the ground – and in this circumstance – your knife might do you NO good at all.

…So I’ve taken 12 of my favorite simple Jiu Jitsu choke techniques and put them only one bonus video training to give you the extra “fight-ending” tricks to literally incapacitate an opponent in SECONDS if he rushes you or tackles you before you get your knife out. These twelve chokes are a back-up plan so that even if you aren't ready with your knife, you have techniques and confidence to handle yourself at close quarters.

It’s Simple Knowing

The Right Secrets

Combine this wisdom with the “Lethal Library” of fast-action insights from self-protection experts, and a CURRICULUM for ripping bigger people to shreds with deadly Jiu Jitsu techniques, and you’ve got a combinations that’s dynamite – and a simple system to follow along with.

Here’s the deal I’ve arranged for you – If you click the button below, I will immediately rush you:

1. 20% off of the entire store at

2. A Special Video Training called “12 Jiu Jitsu Chokes For Self-Defense”

3. A Special Firearms Training Course Called "Pistol Academy 101"

4. Instant online access (password protected) to the SoS Academy.

5. Executive Protection - Digital Edition

6. Armed Defender - Digital Edition

7. Body Weapons - Digital Edition

You’ll get unlimited access to the SoS Academy immediately. Your member login will be sent to your email immediately after purchase – if you have any problems logging in or accessing your materials, contact us directly here: [email protected] Your subscription will automatically renew for just $57/month until you decide to cancel.

You Also Get A 60 Day No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works: Order this and use it as if you owned it. If, for any reason or for no reason at all, you aren’t completely satisfied - just let us know, and I’ll personally guarantee you get a complete refund of your purchase price. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problems at all.

How can I afford to be so generous? Easy - since our founding, we've found that giving folks like yourself the highest quality products in the world and we know that it will make you come back time and time again.

And we’ll still be friends.

For me, I know for a fact the SEEING is believing when it comes to Dan’s amazing grappling moves (yes, they work against MUCH bigger attackers). When it comes to "Pistol Academy 101" you'll  also see the exact grip, stance and techniques you should use (for your specific body type) so that you can shoot with extreme accuracy and so much more!

All for just $57/month for as long as you choose to learn from the curriculum.

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You’ll get unlimited access to the SoS Academy immediately. Your member login will be sent to your email immediately after purchase – if you have any problems logging in or accessing your materials, contact us directly here: [email protected] Your subscription will automatically renew for just $57/month until you decide to cancel.

Don’t miss out on this. I am waiting for your order.


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You’ll get unlimited access to the SoS Academy immediately. Your member login will be sent to your email immediately after purchase – if you have any problems logging in or accessing your materials, contact us directly here: [email protected] Your subscription will automatically renew for just $57/month until you decide to cancel.