Name Brand Quality EDC

The Trump 2020 Sentinel & Free Camo Trump Hat

The ESSENTIAL Trump 2020 Sentinel & FREE Hat

Do you love this country?

Do you support our president?

Are you brave enough to show your support of the USA and our leaders in public, despite the “everything offends me” political climate?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this blade is for you – Patriot.

Since Obama left office, Trump gained momentum & generated an overwhelming amount of support throughout his campaign and election.

His success caused an absolutely insane outcry from the sensitive snowflakes – creating an explosion in identity politics, “offensive buzzwords”, and an all out war on our nations police officers, including all men/women in uniform.

The disgusting antics of the democratic party, and their promotion of violence against anyone with opposing views has gone on for far too long.

These riots and mass protests happen everyone, yet very often they are in “Gun Free Zones”.

Protect yourself with this badass EDC – wrapped in Trump 2020 around the handle, and a shining engraving of “Make America Great Again” on the razor sharp blade.

They’ll think twice once this bad boy zips open in a flash – otherwise.. well, we all know who wins this fight.

This is hands down, 1 of my favorite blades of all time.

Let’s face it, the old versions of these knives were awesome.. but this creation has our audience going nuts!

Over the years we have had a series of sentinel style knives available to our readers and subscribers.. but this is different.

This exclusive release of our most popular blade – proudly displaying your faith in our President is a must have

I can’t wait to hear your feedback on the wicked fast blade release, reinforced steel, and overall functionality. 

I hope you get yours in time..

If you click the button below and it goes to a blank page, unfortunately.. they sold out.

Still not convinced?

Checkout the specs below, these knives are the real deal.

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Yes! I want to claim my FREE Gift for just the cost of $9.95 in shipping & handling, Plus my my Lifetime Guaranteed 53%  Membership Discount to become a member of the National Self-Reliance Initiative for just $57.00/mo (Normally $119 a month) after my FREE 14 DAY TRIAL.  Get access to dozens of Courses, Tools and Experts aimed at making you self-reliant. I know I can cancel my National Self-Reliance Initiative membership at any time!

Free Trainings & A Camo Trump Hat


Understandably, the questions I always get; Are you CRAZY? How? What’s the Catch? Why?

I have heard it all. The answer is simple though. You. I am doing this to Bribe You. I need you to get access to our team of experts in Self-Reliance so that I can be certain you are prepared for all the situations that modern day life may bring your way. The training that is provided below, as part of your 14 Day Trial to the National Self-Reliance Initiative.


Ken Roberts

Retired Green Beret with Decades of Combat Experience

Adam Ticknor

Marine Scout Sniper and Discovery Channel Star

Braden Langley

Swedish Black Belt and Self Defense Expert

Average Joe

A Homesteading Expert and Voice of “The Preparedness Podcast”

David Trimble

Silicon Valley Bodyguard

Coach Dan

Jiu Jitsu Instructor

And So Many More!!

I have spent the better part of the last decade gathering these experts, learning from them and training with them. Each of them brings experience that is vital to the Self-Reliant man in a modern society. Self Reliance is a topic that has disappeared from many of the dinner tables in our great nation. Technology makes things obsolete daily, automation has reduced the costs around basic jobs so much, that it would cost us more to do it ourselves than simply stop on the way home. Activists have polarized the conversation around defense. Political correctness has stripped our ability to talk much about this – but not here. Here we intend to raise the next generation of Self-Reliant Citizens, we intend to ensure every generation forward is the “next great-generation”. My Great-Grand-Daddy was a Red-Blooded Patriot but I refuse to believe that he was “the LAST Great-Generation”.

So YES. For those reasons I will send you all this for FREE – yours to keep, no matter what – just to be certain you have the opportunity to engage with these experts. By learning from them, I can guarantee you’ll have a better understanding of your own personal strengths and weaknesses, as they are called into action during times of need!

What is Self-Reliance in a modern world?

You even get access to all of THAT for FREE, if you choose. It’s a no risk, no obligation, and no “hidden strings” deal for you, and if you’re reading this page now, it may be the last time you see this amazing free offer again. For the next 14 days you can better prepare yourself and your loved ones forever – for FREE. The only question that remains is – will you take my bribe and Get Started Today?

“ALL these courses have in common – they leave holes in each of their trainings…”

You have so many choices in today’s world to access training and education. Frankly, I believe that is the root cause of the problem. Everyday I see a new training course that so-called “experts” put out. I’ve watched 100s that clients told me they ‘learned’ from. If there is one thing that ALL these courses have in common – they leave holes in each of their trainings. Some bigger than others, but no detail is too small when you are faced with decisions that will affect you and your families life FOREVER.


4 Pistol Drills from a Retired Green Beret

“You’re not Rambo. You have no idea who you are in a gun fight until you have been in one.” Ken shares so much knowledge in this course, that I can’t believe we have the privilege of sharing it outside his private 1-on-1 classes. As he shares in the training, a “wrong decision executed early and aggressively, is better than the perfect plan too late”. Want his other 5 Keys to Survival - be sure to check out this FREE course.

Home Defense with Discovery Channels Adam Ticknor

If you’re like me and have children in your home, there is truly nothing more alarming than a startling sound in the middle of the night. Adam spends time teaching how to quickly and quietly navigate through a dark house during an invasion, getting to the safest spot in your house and most importantly hiding your kids.

15 Things a Retired Green Beret is Terrified you Don’t Know

Have the perfect Grip? Stance? Trigger hold? Do you have the best firearm for your needs? Learn the truth about having a gun. What to say to the Police and more importantly what NOT TO SAY. Breakdown of different types of ammunition - it is all here yours for FREE! Sure you could go learn this stuff from your local “Average Joe”, but why when you can learn LIKE our Average Joe from a Retired Green Beret. A guy that has actually ridden into battle on horseback, hunted the streets of Baghdad in soft skins, and had his ticket on the I.E.D. Roller Coaster a time or 3. So why would you learn from anyone else?

“...change YOUR life today and for EVERY day forward…”

Trainings alone are not enough. You need the tools placed in your hands to effectively improve yourself. That is why I not only give you access to curriculum that is specifically tailored to modern day self-reliance and defense, but the tools needed to guarantee your understanding and use of them.


Emergency Family Communication Plan

YOURS FREE a step-by-step plan covering all aspects of your family's safety and communication when disaster strikes. 

Home Intruder - What are the steps that you will take to secure your children, to ensure your safety and ultimately live to talk about it.

Natural Disaster - Each action you take can be the difference between life and death here. Take each action with certainty and confidence. 

Terrorism - Should your town find itself forced into an act of terror, be it domestic or foreign, you preparedness will be a guide to your family not only in the moment, but in the wake of it. 

This guide allows you to plot out, communicate and practice your new plan. Every member of your family will thank you for the peace of mind this provides them.

5x Your Pistol Accuracy

Whether it is your health, your finances, or your use of a firearm.. watching will only get you so far. You have to engage, practice, and train to be the best possible version of yourself. That is why I have to give you this Checklist for the ONLY 4 DRILLS this Green Beret uses to guarantee his accuracy every time he reaches for his firearm. Within this course are Step-by-Step instructions, that should you decide to follow over the next 30 days will improve your aim up to 5x your current state! Don’t believe me? Don’t worry. It is FREE! If this doesn’t work for you, just call me and I’ll give you all your money back.


Wilderness Survival Plan

It could be a flat tire, a natural disaster that separates you from society for a time, you could get lost camping with your children - no matter the situation would you know exactly how to get enough calories to survive? This tool makes sure that you understand what and how to eat should you find yourself in the worst of situations. This FREE Plan should always be in your Go Bag and your Camping Gear!

Honestly, all of it is FREE! Just take my bribe and cover the Shipping and Handling. If you don’t want it – just call me and I will give you your money back. 100% Guaranteed – 60 Days Money Back Guaranteed. 

In today’s world we are the most connected that we have ever been, technology has allowed for barriers to communication to be torn down. This has created unbelievable opportunities to connect with your kids, or even grandkids, it has also opened the floodgates to all other forms of connections being made around the world, plotting against our FREEDOM

Your preparedness, your self-reliance in a modern world, may just be the difference leading to  survival should you find yourself on the wrong end of someone else’s bad decision.

You have to Be Ready to Protect, Ready to Defend….

Ready For Anything.

ID Theft Protection is a MAJOR Part of Modern Day Preparedness

Data Records Being Compromised Worldwide In the First Half of 2018

Nowadays, identity and credit card fraud is becoming more and more popular, which can be a lingering issue for a very long time. You’ve worked hard for your money, so we’ve partnered with Privacy Patrol to give you a FREE membership. This membership will protect you from many different shady tactics hackers may use to financially harm you. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected at ALL times.

The internet allows for your information to flow freely in a way that our parents and their parents generations never experienced. Every day some company has been “hacked” or “breached” as they term it. We trust these people with our personal, financial and medical data yet this is happening EVERYWHERE. Privacy Patrol monitors the places we can’t – all over the internet. So yes – one final – GIFT. To make sure you are in a more prepared place tomorrow than you are today. Just take my Bribe and make sure to activate your membership with these guys today, just contact our support and say you want to get started! 

Like I said we are going to give you all of this for just the cost of my Shipping and Handling today. INCLUDING the 14 Day Trial to National Self-Reliance Initiative which contains dozens  of courses, tools and trainings; a FREE membership to Privacy Patrol; access to our resident experts when your training leaves you with additional questions and so much more! At the end of the 14 Day Trial you will pay $57/month for as long as you choose to maintain your access to our growing list of experts, courses and modern day self-reliance tools.

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Yes! I want to claim my FREE Gift for just the cost of $5.95 in shipping & handling, Plus my my Lifetime Guaranteed 53%  Membership Discount to become a member of the National Self-Reliance Initiative for just $57.00/mo (Normally $119 a month) after my FREE 14 DAY TRIAL.  Get access to dozens of Courses, Tools and Experts aimed at making you self-reliant. I know I can cancel my National Self-Reliance Initiative membership at any time!



My free gift, the trainings, tools and online National Self-Reliance Initiative could easily be bundled together and sold for $497.00, and – to be honest – I might wise up and not give these  away anymore! Many of our experts would charge upwards of $500 a day to train you in these methods. All of this could add up to thousands of dollars, but instead it is yours FREE for the next 14 Days. Take advantage while it lasts!

You’re in a unique situation, but you must act right now to take advantage of it. I hope you do. 

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