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This New Tool Is Absolutely BRUTAL

I like to call this the Bedside Companion because I keep it right by my side when I sleep..

On top of the blinding LED flashlight at the end, this thing can be swung like a baseball bat, and hits like a police baton.

For times when you can’t use or bring a gun, this is the new defensive standard.

The tapered grip offers superior control over the torch – even when wet.

The frame is solid aluminum –  giving you a brutally durable self defense weapon for ANY scenario.

This tool can also be folded down to about half the extended size, making it easily concealed in your car, nightstand, or anywhere else you prefer.

Being prepared for even the wildest of situations is always important, and rest assured – this baton will make sure you’re not a victim.

This is an absolute must-have for anyone looking to defend themselves or protect their family.

Product Specifications

Claim this offer at 80% off for just 5 easy payments of $6.

Last Chance To Claim Your 80% Discount!

Claim this offer at 80% off for just 5 easy payments of $6.