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Just Updated: The Strongest, 850 Paracord – And You Can Get 2 Bundles!

The Most Durable Paracord on The Market!

Dear Reader,

One thing is true among Survivalists, Preppers, Campers and Hikers -

We all love Paracord

Since its origins as the suspension lines in parachutes for airborne military forces, Paracord has been adopted by both military forces and civilians for a vast array of uses - from tactical, to repair, to rescue. Paracord has become the standard cordage for military purposes and for most outdoor civilian applications.

Paracord was even used by the astronauts in repair efforts of the Hubble Telescope in 1997.

The interweaving of several nylon cords (the number varying depending upon the type) along with the double layering of the cord gives Paracord its unique strength, light weight, and minimal girth in diameter - making it ideal for a variety or survival, tactical and rescue situations. But these are all things you already know - so take a look at the amazing, redesigned Extreme Paracord!

850 Paracord - 2 Bundles

200 total feet of Black 850 Paracord - The Strongest On The Market

  • Double Layer Nylon construction for additional strength and durability
  • UV, Mold, Mildew, and Fray Resistant for long life and repeated use camping, on the boat, in the garden, hiking, in your emergency kit, etc.
  • Inner layer constructed of 8 High Tensile Nylon Strands - rated up to 850 lbs. This gives you almost 300 lbs more strength than standard 550 paracord
  • Perfect for projects like wrapping the handle of a hatchet, knife, shovel or hammer
  • Construct wearables - bracelets, lanyards, belts, etc.

Plus - As a BONUS to your purchase...

You will get not just 1, but 2 bundles of 100ft of 850 Paracord. This is more than enough to get your started with the most advanced Paracord Projects or keep you well stocked on your next trip. Whether it is going in your Go Bag, your Glovebox, or Backpack - You are set for your next adventure!

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It’s all waiting here for you. No risk. Every penny back, promptly, if you’re not happy, no need to explain no questions asked. And…

The 850 Extreme Paracord Bundles are manufactured with such craftsmanship and care that they comes with an IRON CLAD guarantee -

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This Offer Good for USA Domestic Shipping Addresses Only

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This Offer Good for USA Domestic Shipping Addresses Only