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Gift #1

Our best selling all-in-one everyday carry item. Upgrade your arsenal with the Hammerhead hatchet today!

Gift #2

This all black midnight stiletto is easily concealed, and EXTREMELY LETHAL!

Gift #3

Sleek, stealthy, & sharp as hell. One of our teams personal favorite blades.

Gift #4

This COLOSSAL fixed blade is absolutely brutal. Be careful with this in public, people WILL notice.

Gift #5

This brutal stiletto is history’s deadliest blade for a reason – Be careful when it arrives.. this knife is BRUTAL!

Gift #6

This brutal tactical baton is the perfect EDC, especially if you’re somewhere that doesn’t allow firearms.

Gift #7

American as hell – this beauty is an all around ideal EDC. Equipped with a glass-breaker, belt clip, seat belt cutter, and much more. You’ll want to carry this bad boy everyday.

Gift #8

Light up the outdoors, or charge any device, all while recharging this solar power bank using the sun, or a micro USB.

Gift #9

This brutal stiletto with a classy redwood finish is history’s deadliest blade for a reason!

Be careful when it arrives.. this knife is BRUTAL!

Gift #10

This “Gentleman’s Blade” is easily concealed, and unique ‘clip point’ blade, that can be deployed in a moments notice.

Come see what all the fuss is about and upgrade your Everyday Carry blade today!

Gift #11

Try out a risk free sample of our best selling all natural, 25+ year shelf life ‘Survival Food’!


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