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Steel River 72 Hour Kit

STRAIGHT: 72 Hour Kit ($39.95) from SoS1$39.95
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Courses Are a Must

Every person should take this course. After my wife experienced a break-in while I was overseas, I needed to find a course like this- informative and organized. Anyone can learn these techniques from the experts. Thanks so much!

Top Notch Content

I have always believed that a man should never stop learning. I am always on the lookout for new places to learn from, that I know I can trust. NSRI has been worth it since Day 1! Every time they release new content, I am the first one there to check it out. I can’t see myself living without this!

Best Quality I've Seen

The Steel River products are a must have for sure. I’ve used them at the range, boating, camping, you name it. When they say everyday use, they weren’t kidding. It’s lightweight and always by my side.